Hens saved from slaughter can be adopted in Cambs as pets

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Cambridgeshire residents have the chance to provide a home for a hen when an adoption event comes to Cambridgeshire.

The British Hen Welfare Trust (BHWT) has saved a flock of laying hens from slaughter and is asking people to become a ‘hen hero’ by adopting one of the birds.

People interested in providing a home to a hen have until Tuesday August 12 to register their interest with the trust.

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Once you have registered, you can pick up the birds from Godmanchester on Saturday August 14 and provide them with a home for their retirement.

Kathryn Howard, from BHWT, said: “I recently went along to an adoption event and saw the hens leaving the farm and feeling fresh air and seeing sunlight for the first time.

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“It’s truly one of the most heart-warming, life-affirming things I’ve ever been a part of and by adopting hens you could also be a part of that.

“We don’t tend to think of chickens as pets, but once you invite these funny little creatures into your home, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

“They have great personalities, they can be affectionate, they’re fun to watch and, of course, they’ll lay you the freshest eggs you’ve ever had.

“If you have a bit of space in your garden, you could do something amazing by adopting some hens and literally save their lives.”

The trust doesn’t charge a fee for each hen but does ask for a donation to cover adoption costs and hen welfare campaigning work, such as veterinary and education programmes.

The BHWT was the UK’s first charity to save laying hens from slaughter and rehome them as family pets. Every year the charity saves more than 60,000 hens and has saved over 840,000 hens since it was established in 2005.

If you’re interested in adopting any of the hens coming to Godmanchester on Saturday August 14, visit: bhwt.org.uk to adopt them.

Alternatively, you can call 01884 860084.

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