High priced cat breeds in document desire many thanks to Covid-19

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Luxurious cat breeders say Covid-19 has pushed demand from customers for large-priced kittens to unprecedented degrees.

The Maine Coon –one of the country’s most costly breeds at $2,500 a cat – soared in desire for the duration of the Covid-19 lockdown very last March.

Enquiries for the “gentle giant” cats increased from 15 to 20 for each 7 days to about 20 for every day, as Kiwis more and more searched for ways to devote their income and time close to property, 1 breeder claimed.

Whilst demand is at an all-time superior, Covid-19’s result on prices has been minimum as credited breeders aim to steer clear of undercutting 1 an additional.

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Though many Kiwis were being purchasing by using TradeMe and equivalent websites, a bargain acquire was not necessarily the most effective alternative.

Shopping for from a registered breeder often will come with total vet notes, microchipping, de-sexing, wellness checks, and a life span of get hold of with the breeder who stays in touch and gives advice for the duration of the cat’s lifestyle.

The backdoor cat market on TradeMe and next-hand internet websites was much more of a guessing match. Some had been legitimate, but many cats were overpriced and cross-bred devoid of the understanding of consumers, breeder Carolyne Teesdale-Jones explained.

The full list of credited cat breeders in New Zealand is offered through the New Zealand Cat Extravagant web-site.

Here’s our list of some of the most high-priced and most sought following cat breeds put up-lockdown.

Burmese cats are at the cheaper end of the high-end model, with one selling in Christchurch recently for $1100.


Burmese cats are at the less costly conclude of the higher-close design, with just one marketing in Christchurch a short while ago for $1100.


The ready checklist for a Burmese cat is “a mile long” in accordance to 1 Canterbury breeder.

The current market had become “absolutely frantic” since last year’s lockdown, but a tight-knit team of registered breeders ended up encouraging every other with provide, Teesdale-Jones said.

The Burmese is a pointed breed offered in unique colors with its underparts somewhat lighter than the again.

They are intelligent, affectionate and adaptable, and superior with youngsters.

A Burmese will cost you all around $1,100 in today’s market place.

Ragdoll cats, with their striking bright blue eyes, are highly sought after in New Zealand.


Ragdoll cats, with their striking vibrant blue eyes, are really sought soon after in New Zealand.


The Ragdoll is a semi-longhaired cat and arrives in a few variations – color pointed, mitted (white toes) or bi-color, all with blue eyes.

The name comes from the cats’ means to chill out and go limp when becoming dealt with, but of program, only when it fits them.

They are playful, gentle and affectionate cats who look to have a “absolutely nothing bothers me” mindset, stated breeder Ramsey Huang.

There was a large raise in enquiries for Ragdoll cats for the duration of lockdown in Christchurch, explained Huang, but many were not sold as purchasers weren’t ready for the commitment of possessing a cat.

The Ragdoll breed ranges on average from $1,200 to $1,800 from registered breeders.

Maine Coon cats have increased in price from $1,500 in 2018 to up to $2,500 due to rising vet and food costs, breeders say.


Maine Coon cats have enhanced in value from $1,500 in 2018 to up to $2,500 because of to growing vet and food expenses, breeders say.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon breed was developed in the United States, and is the official cat of the point out of Maine.

Males can reach up to 10kg in body weight and women up to 6kg. It is really the biggest domestic breed accessible in New Zealand.

Canterbury Maine Coon breeder Jo Woodrow said she received over 7 periods more enquiries for the cats following very last year’s Covid-19 lockdown.

The 15 to 20 for every week enquiries turned into the exact same volume for each working day, she mentioned.

“The price hikes are extra prevalent on TradeMe than us registered breeders.”

The Maine Coon breed regularly sells for up to $2,500.

British shorthair cat standing amongst trees. (File photo).

Max Böttinger/Unsplash

British shorthair cat standing amongst trees. (File photograph).

British Shorthair

Best regarded in its blue colour, the British breed will come in many colours and styles which include bi-colour and Himalayan.

The British Shorthair is easygoing, friendly and mild – they make adaptable animals and are significantly less harmful than several other breeds.

They are known to be one particular-on-a single loving cats with their entrepreneurs, and typically treat strangers with disdain.

Enquiries for purchasing the cats went from weekly to everyday just after last year’s lockdown, breeder Anita Cheetham reported.

British Shorthair cats market for all over $1,300.

Birman kittens are semi-longhaired and display the Himalayan coat pattern (pointed), and blue eyes.


Birman kittens are semi-longhaired and screen the Himalayan coat pattern (pointed), and blue eyes.


Birmans have a keen intelligence, loving mother nature and comfortable voices.

They are friendly and retain themselves spotlessly clear.

The paws are substantial and spherical, with unique pure white ‘gloves’ on the entrance paws and ‘gauntlets’ on the rear paws.

Breeder Barbie Muller claimed demand from customers for the breed had increased “by far more than 200 for each cent” next very last year’s lockdown.

They value on common from $1,200 to $1,500 from registered breeders.

The Bengal cat breed was developed to intentionally look similar to forest dwelling Asian leopards. (File photo).

Abigail Dougherty/Stuff

The Bengal cat breed was produced to deliberately glance related to forest dwelling Asian leopards. (File picture).


The Bengal was very first bred in the United States by crossing forest dwelling Asian Leopard cats with domestic cats, ensuing in a medium to huge breed that resembles the mesmerising, exotic looks and attraction of the wild’s massive cats.

The breed arrives in a assortment of colors together with charcoal and brown to gray and silver, which is regarded the rarest. Generally the color will alter the price by $200 to $300.

Bengal breeder Jan Leedes reported there had been a “big surge” in need for the cats pursuing the Covid-19 lockdown.

The priciest Bengals go for about $2,000.

Mr. Magoo the Sphynx cat. (File photo).

Kent Blechynden/Stuff

Mr. Magoo the Sphynx cat. (File photo).


The most exclusive feature of this cat is its look of hairlessness.

The Sphynx is of medium measurement and entire body conformation with surprising pounds for its sizing.

They are sweet-tempered, energetic, clever, and amenable to handling.

A Sphynx will cost you in between $1,700 and $1,800.

Demand from customers for the breed observed an raise post-Covid but “nothing major”, breeder Sharon Wilson-Tate reported.

Auckland cat breeder Marius Koekemoer with a Pixie-bob cat. (File photo)


Auckland cat breeder Marius Koekemoer with a Pixie-bob cat. (File photo)


The crème de la crème of cat breeds in New Zealand is the Pixie-bob breed, to start with imported by Marius Koekemoer and his wife in 2016.

The Auckland pair spent far more than $20,000 importing a breeding pair of Pixie-bob cats into New Zealand, and have given that sold 30 kittens at concerning $3,000 to $5,000 per kitten.

The price tag is formed by how substantially every kitten appears to be like a bobcat.

Tail length, variety of toes and the size of the cats themselves are other components in figuring out the rate.