Houston rapper Fat Tony drops new Whataburger-loving single

Craig Hlavaty, Houston Chronicle April 18, 2017Updated: April 18, 2017 11:09 a.m. 1of24 Rapper Fat Tony of…

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Rapper Fat Tony of Houston has always been a very vocal champion of Texas’ own Whataburger. Now he’s released a song to honor the late-night fast food staple. 

His new NSFW “Drive-Thru” single mentions his favorite Whataburger location (off Old Spanish Trail), his favorite order (a number two with no mayo and a taquito on the side with fries), and in the music video we get to see a handful of Houston girls dancing and feeding him in the parking.

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Burger King, Wendy’s, In-N-Out, and Del Taco also make cameos in the clip, seen here on YouTube.

This song is currently streaming on his Bandcamp site. 

Since the late ’00s, the prolific rapper whose real name is Anthony Obi, has been a Houston music scene mainstay. He’s never shied away from food-centric lyrics and imagery. At 29 years old he’s cornered the market on putting beats to Houstonians’ love of food.

Check out the completely-NSFW song below… 

He’s even released shirts using the Whataburger (Whatatony!), Taco Cabana, and Shipley logos tweaked in his own style. 

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Last year during the Day for Night weekend he played a pop-up show in a Whataburger parking lot that was nicknamed a “Whatarager.” 

Fat Tony is on tour across the country but will be back in Houston for a show at Walter’s on April 25 and is appearing at the inaugural Middlelands Festival early next month.