Random: Perhaps The Rarest Nintendo e-Reader Card Ever Has Been Identified Intact

Over the years there have been lots of scarce match-linked playing cards produced by Nintendo…

Over the years there have been lots of scarce match-linked playing cards produced by Nintendo and its husband or wife businesses. No matter whether we are conversing about amiibo cards (the Sanrio X Animal Crossing crossover playing cards were being investing fingers for foolish dollars just lately) or a host of actual physical Pokémon TCG cards, they always seem to be to be in large demand, with specific cards turning out to be collector’s things just about promptly.

You will find a further breed of card, although, that is genuinely, very scarce 1-time productions that have long considering the fact that been discontinued and won’t be getting a reprint. This tale considerations probably a single of the very rarest: a profitable Unique Edition Kirby e-Reader promo card produced as component of a pack completely for industry show goers at E3 2002. And Nintendo Daily life reader @robertjanderson has apparently found 1!

He contacted Nintendo Daily life about the recent discovery and seems to be in possession of a totally-performing — and successful — card, as you can see by using the graphic under:

“Above the weekend, I found 3 of these cards in my assortment. The 2nd 1 I swiped uncovered this… the only known intact winner in existence.” (Impression: @robertjanderson)

The successful card (only valid to redeem from 22-24 Could 2002) seems to have survived redemption and the adhering to nineteen many years in good condition. Why really don’t we have a tremendous-uncommon, exceptionally worthwhile card or a few lying about the dwelling, eh?

A few variations of this card were being generated for E3 2002 — an field-only celebration at the time, try to remember — with ‘no prize’, ‘second prize’ and ‘first prize’ variants which went into blind promo packs including Pokémon and Recreation & View playing cards. Utilizing a GBA and e-Reader to scan them at the clearly show, profitable playing cards could then be exchanged for prizes, whilst we’re not confident specifically what the prizes have been — we have listened to rumour that a GBA Pokémon Gold NYC Version may possibly have been top rated prize, though. Not as well shabby, unquestionably, whilst we would wager it would be a great deal cheaper to select up a person of these consoles these days than 1 of these Kirby cards, and a winning case in point, no less!

Not only had been a pretty compact batch of these playing cards ever developed (100 second-prize cards, and just 10 ‘winners’, evidently), but any card exchanged for a prize was immediately torn up by Nintendo reps to protect against double redemptions — which explains the serious rarity.

Numerous promotional cards had been built for the Activity Boy Advance’s short-lived e-Reader accessory in the early-2000s, but as a little batch of solitary-event cards, this profitable case in point has a respectable declare to currently being a person of the extremely rarest items of Nintendo ephemera in existence.

Do you know of any other examples of successful Kirby cards that escaped destruction at the arms of Nintendo reps on the E3 2002 present floor? Obtained a few knocking around in the bottom of a drawer, have you? Or do you have 1 of the prizes that were being on present? Feel cost-free to enable us know and make us incandescent with jealousy underneath.