Tears Of Themis Usually takes Gamers On A Deserted Island In ‘Mysteries Of The Lost Gold’ Celebration

Tears of Themis has begun its 2nd occasion, “Mysteries of the Missing Gold.” This is an function that has been in the minds of quite a few gamers for quite some time. Since the western release has a complete year’s really worth of content from the common Chinese launch, players have questioned when Missing Gold would show up. Sure ample, it’s in this article, that includes a tale about murder, revenge, and a deserted island.

Our tale begins with the typical NXX assembly, the place players understand that they will embark on a treasure hunt hosted by Marius’s Pax group. In this celebration, whoever manages to uncover the misplaced gold and treasure or any relics will be granted a 5 million dollar bounty. But in actuality, some treasure hunters have extra nefarious motivations. As you uncover the real truth with the four boys, you will master that the abandoned island of Nosta retains far more than fulfills the eye.

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4 new SSR cards, a person for each and every of the NXX boys was additional in a unique Lost Gold gacha banner, which is one of a kind in a variety of methods as opposed to preceding gacha banners we have experienced so significantly. Firstly, the fee-up card modifications on a certain timetable, which you can watch above below on the formal Tears of Themis Twitter website page.

Furthermore, specific Tears of Themis are essential to execute Visions, in contrast to the conventional currency you make use of on Rotation and Long lasting banners. The “For Hearts and Mysteries” banner requires specific Tears of Themis with an island emblem etched on them. Those people can only be applied on the Misplaced Gold banner and transform into frequent Tears of Themis as soon as the banner concludes. Gamers can also get hold of Tears of Themis – Limited, an merchandise that can also be employed in the banner. Nonetheless, the Constrained Tears will convert into Stelin soon after the party finishes, compared with the exclusive currency I’ve pointed out earlier.

Tears of Themis Lost Gold 2


Enjoying as a result of the party demands a bit of persistence as you try to uncover each space of Nosta. Just select a tile to unlock and by consuming the expected volume of each and every of the 4 items: Initial-Aid Kits, Lumber, Bottled Water, and MREs, obtainable through your campsite’s Provide menu on the principal celebration page. You will get 60 of every single aforementioned source for every single 60 minutes that go. It is also probable to upgrade your Tent to increase the number of sources you’ll obtain each and every hour.

Additionally, playing will earn you Hunter Badges, which can be exchanged for many goods on the Celebration Store. There are also missions to finish, which is rather comparable to the Lantern occasion we experienced formerly. Nevertheless, there is no $15 Fight Go tier with distinctive rewards locked behind it this time. Be geared up, although, due to the fact lots of Badges are necessary to clear the shop’s benefits.

Tears of Themis Lost Gold 3

The “Mysteries of the Lost Gold” party in Tears of Themis provides a distinct formula thanks to its mechanics with the gacha banner featuring the playing cards. As substantially as this seems like an odd comparison, it reminded me of Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival’s (sure, I am informed that match is incredibly infamous for its flop) Desert Island Escape, and it brought back so lots of memories about experiencing what was driving each individual tile of the island I have unlocked.