Why You Ought to Think Twice Ahead of Acquiring A Bengal Cat

Thor is going viral — but even his house owners say you must adopt instead….

Thor is going viral — but even his house owners say you must adopt instead.

When Rani Cucicov and Hilde De Coster decided to buy a Bengal cat a pair of many years ago, they had no plan that they’d be answering queries from all more than the earth about where people today could get one like theirs.

Thor is a well-liked Bengal cat living in Belgium and getting the online by storm since of his awesome stripes and spots. But when people today see an animal like Thor, they you should not recognize that you will find also a dim aspect to the demand from customers for Bengal cats.

Whilst Thor has been going viral this thirty day period, there was a quieter story in the information: Kevin Cheng, a guy in Australia, just got busted for managing a kitten manufacturing unit. Bengal kittens and cats had been uncovered riddled with bacterial infections and residing in filth 30 of the 72 cats seized had been so ill they experienced to be euthanized.

Just one of the cats identified at Cheng’s operation was Bahiya Aussie Ripples, a winner clearly show cat imported from the U.S. By the time he was uncovered, he was so ill he experienced to be euthanized.

Not all breeders, of class, are as negative as Cheng’s nightmare procedure. There are Bengal breeding functions all above the world, but the trouble is that they can be quite difficult to control, or even see.

In accordance to Animals Australia, kitten breeding functions in normal deficiency transparency and regulatory oversight, and “the actions of unscrupulous breeders all incorporate to make what can be, at finest, a everyday living of deprivation and persistent boredom for cats and their kittens or, at worst, a living nightmare.”

But Cucicov and De Coster explained to The Dodo in an e-mail that they chose Thor since they “actually required a Bengal.” The pair was apprehensive about how their puppy would react to a cat. “[W]e knew that Bengals have been normally extremely good with puppies and they are really active and sort.”

The few searched shelter internet sites 1st but didn’t uncover anything, so they appeared for a breeder, and they tried out to be discerning. “We totally hate ‘puppy mills’ and ‘cat farms’ … the place you can obtain more than 50 distinct races, and exactly where the cat and pet dog moms are ‘abused’ and require to be expecting as a lot of instances as attainable,” the couple wrote.

The few located a breeder they favored in the Netherlands and which is in which they acquired Thor, the now-World-wide-web-popular cat.

“Now that Thor is heading viral, [we] get a lot of inquiries wherever to get a cat like him,” the few wrote. “I often say to these individuals to seriously feel about it for the reason that I don’t want these Bengals [to] be acquired for their appearance, and then when folks get to know them, and see they’re so energetic, they really don’t want them any more.”

The Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone, Minnesota, gets about 20 calls per thirty day period from owners of Bengal cats who are not able to take care of them anymore. Bengal cats can have wellness and behavioral concerns stemming from their wild genes and hybrid breed, which includes urinating all all-around the household and getting serious diarrhea.

Thor’s entrepreneurs suggest wanting very first at animal rescues and shelters for a cat. “[A]lthough Thor is not adopted from a shelter, [we] have loads and lots of regard for people who adopt and who open up their hearts for animals who are not desired any longer,” Cucicov and De Coster wrote.

Some men and women have a bit of a diverse view on Bengal cats because fetishizing the breed can deliver out the worst in cat fans.

“I have found the stories about this Bengal,” Susan Bass of Large Cat Rescue informed The Dodo, about Thor. “Bengals are the final result of the unnatural breeding of domestic cats with Asian leopard cats,” she discussed. “As with other cat hybrids, breeders consider to deliver a cat with the distinctive markings of a wild cat but the serene temperament of a domestic cat.”

Why? “These breeders know that people today will spend a ton of revenue to possess a cat that is distinct or special,” Bass claimed – as much as a couple of thousand bucks. And when one considers how lots of unwanted cats are fighting for their life in shelters right now, it gets to be approximately difficult to justify spending 1000’s to acquire a cat just for his special designer markings.

“We will not want to see a sector for Asian leopard cats and other wild cats like servals merely so breeders can keep up with the demand from customers for hybrids,” Bass claimed. “There are hundreds of thousands of domestic cats in shelters who would make great pets.” Right now, there are an approximated 3.4 million cats in U.S. shelters by yourself.

In addition to Thor, Cucicov and De Coster get treatment of two strays who reside on their road, feeding them every working day. They even built a shelter in their backyard garden for the cats to rest in. “Just about every animal justifies to be taken care of,” they said.

When an animal like Thor goes viral, the threat is that folks forget about about these homeless cats, whose exclusive magnificence can’t even be named.

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“Will there be minimal Thors in the potential?” 1 commenter questioned on Thor’s Fb website page.

“No,” Cucicov and De Coster replied. “He is already set 😊”

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