Wrath of the Righteous Update 1..1c Patch Notes

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Update 1..1c has arrived for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, and here’s the complete list of changes and fixes included with this patch.

The update focuses on bug fixes for all game modes of the activity as very well as advancements for the game’s Consumer Interface. Be thorough when examining the patch notes, if you haven’t completed the tale but, there are spoilers involved.

Listed here are the patch notes for the game:


  • Spoiler: mounted the logic in the first dialogue with the Herald of Iomedae while subsequent the Angel Mythic Path
  • Spoiler: a struggle in Greybor’s quest in chapter 5 didn’t get started – fastened
  • Dry Crossroads – could not exit the space – preset
  • Couldn’t discuss about the defend for the duration of Sosiel’s quest if you refused to recruit Regill – fastened
  • Battered Spirit could be interrupted by a dialogue in between Sosiel and Regill – preset
  • A fights with Hepzamirah couldn’t be completed – set


  • Climate effects slowed down, when they shouldn’t have – fastened
  • Preset the lighting in Pulura’s Drop and Heart of Mystery.
  • The Future-Doorway Theater’s area in Drezen has been fastened
  • Sosiel could be found painting without an easel – preset. Now he has his easel all over again
  • Shrine of the A few could not be completed – set
  • Ivory Sanctum was difficult to enter in chapter 5 – preset


  • Some of the Generals’ setting up abilities did not do the job – fastened
  • Mass Hold Person didn’t function in tactical fight – set
  • Track of Seasons didn’t get the job done correctly – fastened
  • Mounted developing designs in garrisons
  • Mouse cursor in tactical battles was modifying incorrectly – set
  • Penetrating Strike did not perform – fastened
  • Fixed a method in the rituals for the Generals
  • AoE focusing on in the tactical battles has been set
  • Set a loop when a tactical battle commenced
  • Pillaged assets weren’t shown right after struggle – mounted
  • Characteristics that impact military unit’s initiative now appropriately have an effect on their stats.
  • Tactical battle Gradual spell was not altering initiative for the duration of the tactical combat – preset

Lessons & Mechanics

  • Detect Magic capability was out there, however did not do nearly anything. Now it’s no for a longer period available
  • Arcane Trickster prestige-course was extremely hard to decide even with all prerequisites achieved – mounted
  • Persistent metamagic could not be used to any spells – set
  • Swarms dealt destruction each individual time they touched a device as a substitute of the moment for each spherical – fastened
  • Some of Mythic Angel’s summons experienced zero fees – mounted
  • Arcanist’s Arcane Reservoir could sometimes halt replenishing following relaxation – mounted
  • Swarm-that-Walks’ Swarm Feast potential wasn’t properly offering 50% skip prospect towards ranged assaults – preset
  • Swarm-that-walks can use Devour twice on a single target (to start with time passively when killing another person with spell, and next time with Devour means soon after help save-load) – fastened
  • Swarm-that-Walks’ Devour potential could be made use of on living targets – set
  • Swarm-that-Walks suffered for the duration of camping due to the deficiency of companions – fastened, we additional some mechanics to simplicity it
  • Swarm-that-Walks could reduce some qualities when leveling up – set
  • Celebration AI did not assault enemies if Maintain alternative enabled and the major character has no line of sight with enemies – fastened

Turn-based mostly method

  • A transform would freeze for a mounted character, if the mount has applied its motion, but the participant tried out to attack irrespective – set
  • Cairn Wights could not be killed in TBM for the reason that they acquired extra short-term HP just about every time you highlight them with a mouse, or their flip starts – set
  • In some cases, highlighting an enemy character will provoke an assault of opportunity against it – fastened


  • Armor is not displayed when outfitted on animals – set
  • Metamagic results did not use to scrolls crafted on rest – fixed
  • Kinetic diadems applied incorrect reward values – set
  • Draven’s Hat gave unlimited quicken metamagic – fixed
  • Triceratops spawned from a statuette didn’t have a right audio financial institution – set
  • Darkness Mask, Circle Mask, Summit Mask and Issue Mask were viewed as trash loot – preset
  • Quivers didn’t commit their ammunition when employed with precise weapon styles – fastened

Consumer Interfaces

  • Opening the encyclopedia from the tutorial didn’t demonstrate the appropriate website page – mounted
  • In the character sheet, extra assaults of the animal companion have been not exhibited – preset
  • Preset damaged backlinks in the credits
  • Fixed damaged back links in the character’s heritage
  • Fastened texts in the relaxation UI
  • On Windows 7, online video was not exhibited in the tutorials and during the start of the video game – set
  • Soon after exiting the town building mode whilst a building is picked, Esc critical would quit operating – fastened
  • The DC of cooking through the relaxation was displayed improperly – preset
  • Fixed an issue when the dialogue window would scroll down to the lowes of possible solutions, obscuring the textual content of the dialogue


  • Bows’ visuals have been improved.
  • At times you couldn’t pause by pressing the spacebar – set
  • The tank is generally selected from the occasion to loot containers, even if he/she is farther away from it than other folks. Now the character, who can get to it speedier, will select the loot
  • Check lizard animal companion was shifting backward – fastened
  • A crash to the most important menu could happen when loading a location, because of to a unit missing the visible section – fastened
  • Fastened an concern when a scimitar was sheathed improperly
  • All of Animal Companion’s equipment disappeared soon after specialization – mounted.